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Meet Alice Luo | Head of Strategy at Volaris Group | Data driven strategy for Software Leaders

Meet Alice Luo on November 18th for an Insightful keynote and discussion on understanding the economy, the recovery and what this means for your business.

Alice Luo | Head of Strategy
Alice Luo | Head of Strategy

As we move towards recovery, what meaningful economic data should be on your radar as a senior software leader or software business owner. Alice Luo our head of strategy will help cut through the noise and share some of the insightful data Volaris companies track and use to help their businesses navigate a path towards sustainable growth.

Alice is Head of Strategy at Volaris Group. She is responsible for identifying strategic opportunities, issues, and developing organizational strategy plans. She also leads multiple strategic projects and initiatives across Volaris including organic growth initiatives, M&A, post-deal integration, and market entry. She works closely with our global portfolios of businesses to drive organic and M&A growth.

Previously, she has worked at UBS Investment Bank, EY in New York City and a boutique management consulting firm in Toronto. She has many years of management consulting and deal advisory experience. She is among the top 10% MBA graduates from University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management, and she holds a bachelor from Boston College - Carroll School of Management Science with a tripe major in Finance, Philosophy and Operations Management.

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