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Their forever home

Learn more about selling your software company from business owners who have joined us and found success!

Success Stories

All of our companies have unique acquisition stories and since joining Volaris, they have all gotten stronger and grown in their own ways. Check out these stories to learn more about their challenges and discover how they achieved success post-acquisition.

Read the Spark TSL Acquisition Story

Since it's acquisition by Volaris, Spark has achieved remarkable growth and fostered a stronger, more cohesive team.

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Read the Softchalk Acquisition Story

Softchalk founders gained access to a robust professional network and industry best practice when they joined Volaris Group.

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Read the Artifax Acquisition Story

Event Management software business, Artifax, has achieved remarkable growth since it's acquisition by Volaris

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Read the Occam Acquisition Story

How a "leap of faith" led to a lot of growth for Occam founder David Wilkes

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Read the Celcat Acquisition Story

Following their acquisition, Celcat has witnessed remarkable double-digit growth, tripled their utilisation rates, and R&D output fourfold!

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Selling your business is a big decision

Take the first step with confidence by downloading our comprehensive guide. It covers the entire M&A process, helping you maximize profits and find the perfect forever home for your customers and employees.